Planned maintenance

Avoiding air conditioning breakdowns is a major priority for all our customers. Our experience also tells us that regular planned maintenance is essential to ensure efficient, trouble-free running of any air conditioning or refrigeration system. Cutting back on maintenance has been proven to be a false economy. A reactive approach to maintenance, such as repairing the system only when breakdowns occur, significantly increases through-life costs due to premature component failure and inefficient energy use.A planned air conditioning maintenance contract from Thermocold offers a range of benefits.

* A reduction in energy usage and ultimately reducing operating costs
* A reduction in equipment breakdowns and potentially avoiding costly repairs
* Increased equipment life expectancy
* Healthier and more comfortable working environment
* All work is carried out by our friendly, in-house, fully qualified maintenance technicians
* Maintenance visits are scheduled and agreed with you in advance  and of course we,re happy for you to change the time and date of the visit if necessary.
* We,ll save you money by carrying out maintenance only when necessary, depending on your environment and cooling requirements.
* You can choose from a range of maintenance service plans, including Pay-As-You-Go or Term Contracts to suit your equipment and your circumstances.
* Every maintenance visit includes a free asset check and our technicians are able to arrange a quotation for any repairs they identify

Thermocold Ltd are able to offer free advice on maintenance procedures and regular refrigerant gas leak tests to comply with the latest Government F-GAS regulations, Thermocold ltd is an F-GAS registered company and our engineers are qualified to carry out all aspects of maintenance, service and installation to ensure you comply with the latest F-GAS regulations.Refrigerant R22 Phase-out Be Aware The new EU regulation 842/2006 controlling ozone depleting substances is now in force. All refrigeration systems using ozone depleting gases such as R22 with a charge of 3Kg or more have to be checked annually for leaks by a qualified person. Would you like us to carry out this essential check, or modify your system to use an environmentally friendly refrigerant? Then please contact our team for more information and book a free site survey.