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Sept 2015: Monahans Accountants 

The installation of high energy efficient heat pump and fresh air heat exchange systems into their new offices in Trowbridge.


Sept 2015

Cotec Wiltshire

Carrying out repairs on a cascade low temperature test chamber system operating at - 50C 

Aug 2015

The Priory:  London

The installation of a large VRV air conditioning system supplying multiple rooms with heating and cooling as part of their ongoing air conditioning refurbishment works.

July 2015

The installation of a custom built cooling system for Medical Wire Ltd Corsham 
High air flow and low temperature cooling for medical consumables.

Designed and built at our manufacturing facility in Wiltshire.

July 2015

LF Beauty: Trowbridge

The installation of 7 Stability chambers into the new laboratory facility in Trowbridge.

Aug 2014 - Feb 2015
DTR MVS Trowbridge: the installation of L.E.V extraction to process machinery at their new production facility, this project is on going as new machinery arrives.

Jan - Feb 2015

Ashford Homes -Trowbridge Wiltshire: The installation of 11 Heat pump and VRF systems for general office and server room areas including the installation of Mitsubishi Heavy SAF1000 fresh air heat exchange systems operating on CO2 level sensors to produce a comfortable working environment.


Jan - Feb 2015
The installation of several R407F refrigeration systems as part of our R22 removal project and new F-GAS regulations, including the refurbishment of their existing Air Handling Units serving the Main chilled production area.


Feb 2015
The installation of an equipment hoist to enable the removal and installation of plant and machinery and also for use in the safe lifting of service tools and equipment to roof level

2014 - 2015 Snowberry Lane Surgery Melksham Wiltshire


Snowberry Lane cosmetic surgery; The installation of several wall mounted and ducted type Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pump air conditioning systems to the office and consultation rooms, the main minor ops theatre included the installation of a bespoke positive pressure HEPA filtration system. A big thank you to all the staff involved and for the making the project such a pleassure to work on!

 2014-2015 Hayden's Bakery Devizes Wiltshire


 The installation of 4 new refrigeration condensing units chilling the Main Chill Production area Air Handling equipment; a single "Pack Type" unit operating on R22 was decommissioned and removed. The equipment now operates on Refrigerant R407F.

2014: Acheson & Acheson of Frome Wiltshire

Water chiller and pipe work Installation

The installation of a new "Screw Type" 200 kw Daikin water chiller for their cosmetic production cooling at their factory located in Frome Wiltshire.

2014: The Corn Exchange - Devizes Wiltshire


Complete revamp of the heating & ventilation system over three floors of the building, All fresh air high energy efficient heat exchange units are controlled via CO2 sensors ensuring a comfortable environment throughout the building while keeping energy usage to a minimum.
Heating and cooling is now provided by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  "High Energy Efficient" Heat pumps.

2014: Medical Wire - Corsham Wiltshire


Pharmaceutical cooling tunnel for the Medical Wire facility in Corsham, the Clean room area was also temperature controlled via wall mounted Mitsubishi Heavy "Inverter Driven" heat pump systems supplied and installed by Thermocold.

2014: Stiles & Son of Bromham Wiltshire


The installation of refrigeration equipment for their main meat holding fridges, the existing R22 equipment was decommissioned, removed and replaced with new "Scroll Type" condensing units operating on refrigerant R404a.
A bespoke electrical control panel was designed and installed by Thermocold engineers.

CPUK (Nestle) of Trowbridge Wiltshire


The installation of a close control Airedale air conditioning system complete with humidity control, maintaining a close control environment for C.P.U.K's Lab facility located at Staverton near Trowbridge Wiltshire.

Cross Manufacturing of Devizes Wiltshire: South Building


The main Aero-Space Manufacturing Factory: Equipment installation included;
*  2 off Airedale Store-Master heat pump Air Handling Units with "Free Cooling" Capability.
*  8 off 25 kw Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split type air conditioning systems.
*  Many split type high energy efficient heat pump systems conditioning the wide variety of office areas.
*  Full air distribution; Supply & Return duct-work including all insulation.
*  Building air extraction system.
*  All of the main air conditioning equipment is controlled via the buildings Trend BMS.


2014: Thames Water at High Wycombe  


The  installation of two Trane exhaust air systems and a single fresh air supply Air handing unit to replace the existing equipment maintaining a stable environment for their chemical storage facility at High Wycombe Berkshire. 

2014: CPI Antony Rowe of Melksham Wiltshire


The installation of 10 x  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 25.0 kw Split type cooling systems into the Main Production area at their new printing facility in Melksham.

2014: SPC Westbury Wiltshire

The replacement of this 300kw "Screw type" compressor operating on the main production chilled water system: R407C  refrigerant.

2013: CPI Antony Rowe of Chippenham Wiltshire


The installation of 11 x  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 25.0 kw Split type cooling systems with free cooling capability into the Main Production area at their existing printing facility in Chippenham Wiltshire.

HC Starcks of Calne Wiltshire


Thermocold were tasked with designing and building a bespoke cooling system for their existing furnace plant in Calne Wiltshire, the equipment supplied and installed included a Trane water chiller, run and standby process pump set, "Free cooling" air blast radiator,close control process water modulating 3 way valve and a custom built system control panel.

Praxair Surface Technologies: Swindon Wiltshire


The supply and installation of a Trane 300Kw water chiller, Run & Standby pump set and associated chilled water pipe work to the Praxair Surface Technology plant in Swindon Wiltshire.